AC Installation in Gurgaon

We are provided best services AC Installation in Gurgaon. Service providers perform qualitative AC installation which provides 100% satisfaction to the customers and the lowest and cheapest AC installation fee in Gurgaon. All kind of ac installation

  • Window ac installation
  • Split ac installation
  • Tower AC Installation

While doing AC installation work, our service providers take into account all the important factors which are necessary for successful air conditioner installation.

Important guidelines for window AC installation

  • A air conditioner should be installed in such a way that the rear end is slightly lower than the front end. A difference of one inch is fine. If the unit is too low at front than the condensed water leaks from the front rather than dripping from the rear end of the air conditioner.
  • AC must be installed at a correct height. The best height for window AC installation is 3-4 feet from the floor
  • A window air conditioner must be installed in an area that provides proper ventilation.
  • A window AC should be installed at a place away from heat source.
  • Ensure that there is easy drainage for condensed water dripping out of AC
  • Do not install window AC unit in an area exposed to rain or direct sunlight.

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