Top 3 Service Provider AC on Rent in Gurgaon

AC on Rent in Gurgaon

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If you are looking for dealers that provide Split AC and Window air conditioning rental services. This is the only place where you can get in touch with the best AC rental service provider in Gurgaon. Explore now for more details. Looking at today's generation, it is hot due to pollination, so it is common to have all the houses, but there are people who have problems buying one. But it is no longer a problem for those who have trouble buying a new air conditioner, they can buy air conditioner for rent. Professional tackles all your air conditioning problems without any hassle. The AC rental service provider listed below has covered the entire area below Gurgaon:-

AC Rental Service Provider in Gurgaon Mention Below

  1. Dialwala

    Address - Gurgaon

    Dialwala is a thrust platform for home service. Dialwala provides a list of verified suppliers/dealers for Window AC on Rent Gurgaon, Split AC on Rent in Gurgaon, and Tower/Portable AC on Rent Gurgaon.


    Whats App No. 090340 90360

  2. Coolworld- Ac on Rent
    Address- Shop No. 31, Shri Ram Mehar Market, Village, Kanhai, Sector 44, Gurugram, Haryana 122003

    4.5  Rating on Google My Business

    Mob:- 9873266701

  3. Cool care Services
    Address - F-222 Pataudi Rd, sector-37A

    4.5  Rating on Google My Business

    Mob:- 7291917070

Service Area For AC on Rent Gurgaon

Above listed copany provide AC on Rent in all sectors of Gurgaon like Ardee City, Arjun Nagar, Ashok Vihar Phase 1, Ashok Vihar Phase 2, Ashok Vihar Phase 3, Badshapur, Bhondsi, Chakkarpur, Daultabad, DLF Phase I, DLF Phase II, DLF Phase III, DLF Phase IV, DLF Phase V, Farrukh Nagar, Fazilpur, Feroz Gandhi Colony, Gandhi Nagar,Garhi Harsaru, Ghatta Village, Greenwood City, Gurgaon Village, Gwal Pahari, Hans Enclave, Hari Nagar, Heera Nagar, Islampur, Jacombpura, Jharsa, Jyoti Park, Kadipur, Khandsa, Kherki Daula, Dlf Phase 1, Dlf Phase 2, Dlf Phase 3, Dlf Phase 4, Dlf Phase 5, Sohna Road, Sushant Lok 1-2-3, Palam Vihar,MG Road Udyog Vihar Phase 1, Udyog Vihar Phase 2, Udyog Vihar Phase 3, Udyog Vihar Phase 4, Udyog Vihar Phase 5, South City 1, South City 2, Sector 1, Sector 4, Sector 5,Sector 7Sector 9,Sector 9a Sector 10, Sector 10a,Sector 12, Sector 14, Sector 15part1 Sector 15 Part2, Sector 17, Sector 21, Sector 22, Sector 23, Sector 27, Sector 28,Sector 29 Sector 30, Sector 6, Sector 31, Sector 32, Sector 33,Sector34, Sector 36,Sector 37, Sector 37c,Sector 37d,Sector 38,Sector 39,Sector 40, Sector 41, Sector 42, Sector 43, Sector44, Sector 45,Sector46, Sector 47, Sector 48,Sector 49, Sector 50, Sector 51, Sector 52, Sector 54, Sector 55, Sector 56, Sector 57, Sector 74, Sector 75, Sector 76, Sector 77, Sector 82, Sector 83, Sector 84,Sector 90,Sector 91,Sector 92,Sector 95,Sector 103, Sector 106, Sector 107, Sector 111, Sector 112, Adree City, Golf Course Road, Dlf City, Vatika City, Uniworld Garden, Vipul World, Orchid Patel, Mayfield Garden, Shishpal Vihar, Patodi Road, Dawarka Express Way, Imt Manesar, Imt Sector 1,Essal Tower,Taksila Heights.

5 Benefits of Air Conditioner on Rent

  • Free maintenance: We want your rental items to remain new as long as you pay us rent. Therefore we provide maintenance and cleaning services from time to time.
  • No capital investment: No need to worry about saving up to buy an AC, enjoy the cool air on easily affordable rental.
  • No need for maintenance and repair: The rental company will ensure that your air conditioner is functioning well and that it has been serviced.
  • Return the unit when not required: When you no longer require the air conditioner whether it is because you purchased a new one or you are relocating you do not have to worry about what to do with it, you can just call the rental company and return it.
  • Easy change: If you are not happy with the performance of the air conditioner then you can ask the rental company to change the unit.

FAQs about ac on rent Gurgaon

How much does rental air conditioning cost in Gurgaon?

The approximate cost of having air conditioning for rent in Gurgaon is Rs. 700 to Rs. 1500 per month or more.

Do air conditioning rental services near me include air conditioning installation services?

Yes, all AC rentals company offer free air conditioner installation services.

What types of air conditioners are available to rent?

Window AC, Split AC and Tower AC are available for rent.

What should be done if the hired air conditioning stops working?

Contact AC Rental Company. They will send a technician to your door, who will either fix the problem or replace the air conditioner.